Monday, 28 May 2012

My first T Gauge set!

Awaiting in my mailbox today were my orders from TrainAidsA and from Very exciting!

In these orders was a Type 103 "Sobu Line" T-Gauge starter set, some extra straight track (60mm lengths), a single level crossing and a few other accessories.

Of course the train had to be run as soon as possible! After opening the pack and setting up the loop, I ignored the advice I have seen on other blogs and forums and started running the train without using the energizer pen (this was included in my starter pack). Considering that I hadn't even cleane the track, the train ran very well straight out of the box. I did not find re-railing the rolling stock to be much trouble - despite some of the reports I had previously read in other online blogs and forums - nor did I have any trouble coupling the carriages together. Perhaps I have better eyesight than the authors of those other reviews? ;-)

I have attempted to take a photo of the carriages, but the tiny, tiny size of the rolling stock made it virtually impossible to get a decent shot with a Nikon D3100, let alone my iPhone 3GS camera! In any case, here is a (very poor) photo comparing the size of the T Gauge carriages against a stock-standard Australian Two Dollar coin.

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